Stressed out frizz brain

Hey peeps of the internet!

I haven’t posted anything but my first post, I don’t have many people who’ll see this but I really don’t want anyone to see this.  But I need to know I’ve told someone (I keep getting told by my friends to talk about my problems but I don’t feel comfortable talking about them, yeah I know they wont judge me, but if I say it out loud I feel stupid even if they say it’s not and yeah).  So technically I’m telling a lot of someones.

I don’t know if anyone is going to see this but I need to get this all off of my chest.  Warning I’m going to sound like a whiny, middle class, and privileged compared to others, white girl here so I’m sorry if you think these problems are stupid, I know I do but I need to tell them to people who wont respond or try to fix things cause I know what I think is stupid, I just can’t stop myself from thinking these things/ feeling this way.

So here goes.

I’m lazy and stressed, I don’t want to do any work but I can’t help but stress about my fast approaching deadlines.  I feel like I’m never going to get things done in time, but I also feel I’m not going to do well so what’s the point.I keep comparing myself to my friends and seeing them being so successful is a downer.  I should be pushing myself and believing I can do just as well, but I don’t.


Flying high,



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