I’m a terrible friend – A rant by me.

Okay so apparently my first post was wrong and I should change the title of this blog to “Complaints of a girl who has nothing really to complain about but does anyway!”. I will try and make it happy, more like a look at what I found today/ list of thoughts for the day type of blog, maybe update on a Monday or something like that, something a little more interesting than Oh wo is me I’m so hard done by how can I possible live like this?!? type blog.

So really quickly my “terrible situation” (well not terrible more like really awkward)

Okay so the deal is one of my friends is dating someone, thye’ve been dating for a while now and I’m friends with them both. I used to have an interest in my friend’s SO for a year, I thought it was over, found someone new to be interested in and was really happy when they finally got together… Buuuuuuut no, I seem to have started to (or haven’t really stopped) liking my friend’s SO again….. I’m so screwed. It’s more of a “You only want what you can’t have” type of thing so i’m pretty sure it’ll blow over. I don’t think my friends have figured it out yet, haven’t told anyone as of now either so I’m hoping I can stop being interested in them really soon.

So to sum it up:

I like one of my close friend’s significant other and I’m hoping that it’s not a big deal and it’ll all go away before anyone finds out and everything goes wrong…. Wish me luck on this one.

Anyway now that my “Oh my life is sooo unfair” rant is over onto the happier light stuff, I found this really cool website

Secret Passage Ways

Like WOW! I want all of it! I really like the idea of a house filled with secret passageways and rooms and stuff like wouldn’t that be AMAZING?!?  Please tell me I’m not the only one who loves this stuff! I want it all! And also:

Hide Your Valuables

A list of really cool ideas of places that you can hide away your valuables from anyone who breaks into your home, if they do anyway.I love this kind of stuff I find it so cool how people can be so ingenious, also I’m pretty paranoid about stuff like that so I want a panic room and places to hide valuables and everything in this sorta catagory, also I’m a bit of a hugely immature child at heart so this stuff is really cool and totally necessary for me to have!

Also update on the whole fandom list thing… I’ve jumped on the Tom Hiddleston bandwagon and I’m never leaving! This man has a heart of gold and sometimes gold curly hair to match! He’s a brilliant actor and and an incredibly genorous and kind hearted man as well. He’s involved in charity and has acted in Major movies to theatre productions. AND he’s quite attractive (biggest understatement ever!)

Reasons to love Tom from 2013

Read and enjoy!

So other than that my life has been pretty good. Being on holidays right now is bliss! Not going to miss going back to normal stress filled life.

Hope you people of Word Press are having fun doing whatever, hope you aren’t stressed out or have any social problems like me, if you are stressed/ do have similar problems, good luck I hope everything turns out okay for you, who ever you are!

Hope you like the links and love Tom!

Flying High



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