Mood = Improved Dramatically!

Hello fellow surfers of the internet!

For those of you who’ve read my latest rant I want to say I’m in a MUCH better mood than before, yeah still queasy about the stuff, and still extremely tired because of my recent bout of completely crappy sleep, but I’m in such a good mood right now. Feel so relaxed and the creative juices are flowing! Got ideas for my story and for a couple of things I want to draw! And because of my good mood I don’t care if they turn out to be bad, I’m treating them as practice, getting back into my creative state. Oh and I’ve been reading too! Skulduggery Pleasant and Percy Jackson: Heroes of Olympus series and they’re amazing you guys should check them out!Skullduggery-Pleasant-Gallery-skullduggery-pleasant-5229815-1600-1200


Both these series (plus the earlier series of Percy Jackson) are amazingly written and full of daring do, witty comments, heartbreak, determined heroes, heroes that might just be villains unintentionally, characters you love and love to hate. Also amazingly vividly described setting and amazing magical feats performed. If you like adrenaline rushes caused by intense fight scenes, nail-biting cliff-hangers, intense tension between characters, awesome villains and saving the world from the brink of an apocalypse (or maybe failing to save it you never know….) and maybe being the cause of one, you will absolutely fall in love with these books like I have.

I warn you though, if you are also like me in the way you grow incredibly strong attachments to fictional characters you will need to steel yourself for some parts in these series. I really need to read nice happy books that don’t break my heart in to billions of tiny pieces to read, but they’re such brilliant books I can’t help it!

I don’t have any new links today though 😦 haven’t found any that are really interesting sorry, but I’ve been busy, I’ve gone out and being social and have been having an absolutely wonderful time with friends and family these past few days it’s been wonderfull. I went to this indoor trampoline place which was awesome fun, tiring but so worth it. I saw the new movie ‘Pan’, which was good but didn’t explain much about Peter’s story at all really, only made more questions rather than answering the already existing ones. I also saw ‘Intern’ which was amazing! it was funny and sad and clever and just a really great film, I loved it.

trampopan the-intern-poster

I’ve been having an amazing time these past few days and’s it’s been wonderful for my mood and overall outlook on life.  I’ve been so much happier that I didn’t actually realise how badly I was going, stress and worry have been weighing me down and constantly nagging at me even when having a laugh with my friends. I’m so glad I can write it all down and sort of solidify this realisation.

If any of you are having a rough time I hope that it turns around for the better and your life brightens.


Flying high,



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