About Me – Miss Marvelous

Hey person who is currently reading this page, yes that’s you!

How are you? I hope you’re well.

I’m good thanks, well I’m weird but good.

Aaaaaaaaanyway this is supposed to be a page which is basically all about me, so here goes.

  • I’m female, both in sex and gender/identification.
  • I love reading, writing, drawing, listening to music, dancing, singing. Crazy weird, imaginitive stuff basically, I’m silly.
  • I get stressed and worried of little things very easily which is incredibly annoying.
  • I’ll be sharing personal and non personal stuff on this blog.
  • What I mean is I’ll share my stresses and what’s worrying me currently, plus the good happy stuff too.
  • And I’ll also be sharing things that interest me, and most likely lts of other people, so not centered entirely around me.
  • I love swimming, at the beach in a pool, whatever.
  • I’m a bit of a strange person, little out there so I warn you, you might not enjoy everything in this wordpress acount so read/follow at your own perril.
  • I am a part of many fandoms and might blog about them a bit, or a lot, from time to time, or often, all depends.

Well I think that just about covers all the important stuff I guess.

Hope I haven’t scared you off!

Flying high,

Miss Marvelous


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